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Swedish skull art | Hanna Hasse Lilja

Swedish skull art | Hanna Hasse Lilja.

Bull moose

For the love of all living beings –

Swedish skull art | Hanna Hasse Lilja

Bull moose

You kind of want it to be about death, right? For me, its more about life. About all that´s not tied to the flesh, that´s not stuck in the bones. About soul, and spirit.

I see these skulls as a kind of space in between, an abandoned home. Somewhere where grand wildness has pulsed through, inside and all around. Where the blood has been warm and the fur soft. The bones has helped to lift and put someone in motion, they have given someone foothold, heft, weight. They have lived, drunk, eaten, run, loved. One is someones mother, someones father, someones young one.

I lift the skulls up from where the remains of their bodies were once dumped, paint them as beautiful as i possibly can, and then I show them to the world – gently asking the world to understand. This piece of bone was a once a mighty moose. A strong, warm, long legged mystic creature, living in the woods, minding its own. And it breaks my heart that someone decided that he had to die.

My art is my way of honouring the animal who was killed.

This is my way of saying I´m sorry.

The skulls are really no more animal than a rock is an animal, and yet it is sometimes hard for me to breathe while I touch them. The skulls are merely a shadow of the life that once ran through them but it softens me, its humbling to stroke your fingertips along the only thing left of them for us to stroke our fingertips along.

I don´t know where a moose or a fox or a crow goes when they die, just as I don´t know where I will go when I´m done here. All I can do is hope and trust that they are well wherever they might have flown, and that I´m able to do them some kind of justice.

It´s only love.

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