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Swirly Patio Painting

In an attempt to give a face lift to our old patio, our mother daughter team took up an elaborate project.

After painting the fence, I had stamped the entire patio with a brick pattern, and all these years most of our guests were deceived, thinking it was a brick patio :) But the solid, thick, concrete slabs over the years have sunk in unwanted places and as a result after it rains we end up with puddles in different places. Also with the long winters and the thick blanket of snow, the brick patterns had started to give way and it had started looking pretty ugly. But there isn’t any crack anywhere. So we had to come up with some innovative idea to make it look decent.

Many of you might remember the shower doors that Esha had painted last year; finally we had somebody hang those up on the wall. So the whole project along with the platform, the planters and the flowers, kind of evolved from there.

Now the whole patio looks a bit striking with the contrast but we are hoping with weathering and aging, it will get more subtle.

Our freehand doodling patterns are not similar but we often exchanged places and carried on, bringing the harmony. It was extremely therapeutic and fun at the same time. May be it was my craving for alpona too, but the concrete floor was too rough to use our fingers. Wish we could do that. We used exterior concrete and porch paint. Alpona is meant to be ephemeral but if this lasts a few years that will be truly rewarding :)
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