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Synthetic Rains


A visual score of a natural event artificially reproduced. Fiction replaces the reality by creating a credible deception: an artifact against nature. The art invokes magic to redesign new spatial rules.

Rains no more liquid, no more elusive.
My artworks want to challenge the laws that regulate the principle of gravity, to offer a new vision of the world.
The weather proceeds inexorably. Lock in his action, means, being able to observe all its nuances, losing any time reference.

My works in addition to physically occupy a space, they tend to grow out of themselves, with their reflected light which will undergo changes in relation to external environmental factors. Changing work despite its fixity.

The immovable object, causes the Viewer to physical action, to enter in relation with the work and the most hidden secrets scorgerne. Visual observation is directly linked to mental understanding, a new source of emotional state.