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Tamara Lise | Sublime Paper

I am a French paper Artist who really loves paper

I studied «  Book and Paper design » at La Cambre school of art in Belgium. I apply myself daily to work paper in all its forms: paper paintings, artist books and installations.



le_plume_elisabeth_2_2016.jpg  le_plume_elisabeth_1_2016.jpg



Tamara Lise is a visual artist. She graduated from La Cambre School of Art and Design (Belgium) in 2011. She lives and works in Seine-et-Marne.     Her studies in book and paper design fostered a love of paper, which gradually became a passion in its own right. She now specializes in paper art and artists’ books.

From a very early age the artist was drawn to the history of art and literature. Her exploration of the earliest forms of writing, of space and dreams may be felt on both the surface and interior of her artwork.

Knowing your interest in the domain, I would like to send you my latest’s press release and invite you to discover my website: www.tamaralise.com