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Tanja Weidenbörner (TW’s Art Gallery) – Unique artworks of dripped and free flowed enamel paint and charcoal on canvas

Tanja Weidenbörner (TW’s Art Gallery)

German artist working and living in Essen, Germany.

My technique of dripped or flowing enamel paint and charcoal on canvas was born through trying, experimentations and at least checking out the limits of different materials, their behavior and their effects on canvas.

My technique allows me to paint in the degree of detailing which I like to have it. In the end the faces appear to be a rough portrait with vitality but without the entitlement of perfection. I am focused on modeling the smooth and glossy surface of enamel paint and the consequential play of dynamics that dominate my paintings.

Aesthetics and grace is one of my most important aspects creating my unique artworks beside to emotions and expressions. My paintings should be attractive, stylish, unique and distinctively.
On the first look they are beautiful – on the second look they arouse viewer’s curiosity because of their shadows, depth, edges and the smooth and glossy surface of the enamel paint.

In the end each of my artworks is a successful dynamic ensemble.

Tanja WeidenbörnerTanja Weidenbörner  “Mrs. Winter”Tanja WeidenbörnerTanja Weidenbörner  “Einstein II”Tanja WeidenbörnerTanja Weidenbörner  “Insecure”Tanja WeidenbörnerTanja Weidenbörner  “The Bride”Tanja Weidenbörner  “Strippin’ “Tanja WeidenbörnerTanja Weidenbörner “Diva from Eden”