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terracotta & surrealities

…. what i do with clay is just to give substance to my imagination….

I realize only unique pieces, handmade and designed by me, because I believe this is the true essence of handmade.

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I’m Claudia, I love to express myself, to experience, have my hands in the clay and my mind elsewhere, coffee, hot sunny days, colors,  butterflies in the belly, the poetry that is hidden in the small things, the music in the background at all what I do, I love the irony, that healthy madness that saves us from everyday life, mainly I love what I do, turn my imagination into clay.

I always had a mania for creating and drawing, as a child I spent whole afternoons surrounded by sheets and pencils, my subjects often took life in my imagination, they lived adventures out by the two dimensions of the paper.


This magic aspect of creating is still alive in me, (unfortunately) I stopped believing that my drawings can come to life, but I began to think that something of me trapped in my every creation permeating it.


I work in my little wooden studio, surrounded by nature, cats and music….