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Textile Art by Mawra Tahreem

Mawra Tahreem, a textile art; visual artist from Pakistan, was born in a textiles city of Pakistan.  She studied BFA Honors with major textile and made a career as a textile artist, bringing new trends in textiles art. Mawra’s work evolved around human’s behavior emotions & thoughts.

Her creations are influenced by different mediums & techniques. She have done work in paintings, wire sculptures, weaving, tapestry, typography, marbling, quilting, screen printing, origami etc. For the artist, art is a means of introspections and expression. As an artist, she is interested in the concept, the execution and the materials which are essential in order to express her ideas. Her recent work is an exploration and representation of organic forms which she creates through “marbling” (an oldest printing, firstly introduced in Japan in 12th century). Then she transforms these patterns on a gauze fabric with hand and machine embroidery & knitting. The path she walked through is perceptions, emotions, thoughts and experiments which she experiences. This unity of experience traces a person, which is actually she. Her work is simple but has visual detail in it. Mawra only need black & white often when she does work in colour she feels distracted by it. She find pleasure in applying her knowledge in a multidisciplinary context, be it in making an art piece or applying it in interior spaces as an installation. She adores conceptualization for practicable concepts that emphases on detail, functionality, aesthetics and environment-friendliness. She admits that her passion is largely fueled by her desire to evolve, change, and try new things. She is frequently in quest of an innovative and pleasing environment that will dare her strong work ethic and provide the opportunity to expand her abilities. http://mawratahreem51.wix.com/mawrat

DSC_0397 DSCN1423 (1) DSCN1462 DSCN1490 DSCN1526 Final Display