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Texture Art

My work focuses on sculpture, relief paintings, and installation.

I use mostly found objects and manipulate their form. My process consists of restructuring, breaking down pieces, and layering to conceal or modify the original identity of the subject. The materials and process inspire each piece, using objects from glass and glitter to mud and cigarettes to create a contrast of the macabre and beauty. My practice is a metaphor for feelings of disgust, wonder, and allure of modification. megancastellon.com

1. Green Grass Meets Glass
2. Marble Mirror
3. A Veil of Webs and Glass
4. Marbles and Webs on Canvas
5. Fragmentation
6. Mirror Glass on Wood
7. Capture All The Pretty Things


Green Grass Meets Glass IMG_0386 Castellon_VeilofWebsandGlass Castellon_MarblesandWebsonCanvas copy Castellon_Fragmentation copy IMG_0398
DSCN1716 copy