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Texture series…on canvas…by Artist Jon Rundström

This is a series of paintings that I did playing with textures.

While I primarily am an easel painter I also do and adore faux finishing/decorative painting.  A common wall finish that I provide for my clients is called “knock down” plaster texture.  This is a technique in which plaster is randomly applied to the wall, “picked up” with a trowel so the plaster forms little spikes…then “knocking” it down (again with a trowel) to create the texture you see in the background of these paintings. After the plaster is base coated I then add a tonal glaze to the “knock down” texture…then wipe away the excess. The glaze stays in the low parts of the texture…giving a nice look.

-this series of paintings feature a knock down plaster texture, tonal glazing, acrylic paint and some gold and copper leafing.  I love adding the gilding element to a finished painting…you may not see it very well in the photos but upon actually viewing the pieces you will see a beautiful shine in certain lights. All of these paintings were done on stretched canvas.

Acrylic over knock-down plaster texture

Acrylic over knock-down plaster texture

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