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Erik Flothmann – Paintings

Erik Flothmann – Paintings.

All paintings are oil on canvas (or canvas-paper).

This antelope lives in Zambia. A friend (Henk Laverman, who is a photographer) went there and took some amazing pictures, as he always does. However, this time he almost died when an elephant entered his cabin at night to eat the laundry basket made of leaves.

Antelope painting.Erik Flothmann - Paintings

Antelope – oil on canvas

Antelope painting

Antelope painting, detail

Antelope painting, close up,Erik Flothmann - Paintings


The painting was made in Belgium in my painting studio. The medium is oil, on high quality canvas and has an aluminium frame, this means that the canvas will probably be still in good shape 200 years from now.

Erik Flothmann is a Belgium/Sweden based artist who like nature.




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