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The archetype of nothing

“The archetypes of nothing”, are hidden identities, fluctuating in an undefined space, unworldly and harmonic female figures, sometimes imposing images as if to demonstrate that it is the soul that imposes and not the materiality of the body.

Richard gives us his poetic vision of the sub consciousness, in a series of oil paintings, some on wood, and some on canvas. Just like childhood ghost vision archetypes, his works are populated by white cloths suspended in emptiness, capable of astonishing the observer while they float in nothing, or while resting, allowing to see the silhouette of whom it belongs to, without revealing the aspect. Richard Silvaggio keeps intact his taste for the enigma, rekindling with sophisticated intellect and pictorial interpretation. The artist deals with the description of soft grey cloths, from white to the very black, bringing on to “grisailles”, never boring, never expected, supported by a strong spiritual/conceptual base. The main character is that part of the celestial existence identifiable in the human thought, called to fill existential voids, materialized in this case in candid, unsettling apparitions sprung out of the artist’s imagination and out of his talent. The artist’s aim is to create an intimate dialogue between the painting and the observer; the work must transform itself into a sort of silent oracle that is able to ask questions and to impose answers.





50×80 oil on canvas. 2014



I lie 60×80 oil on canvas


100×92 oil on wood


100×70 oil on wood


100×66 oil on wood


55×100 oil on wood


48×59 cm oil on wood. 2014


59×88 oil on wood


40×60 oil on canvas