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The Art and The Mind | Abhinaya Ramadurai

The Art and The Mind | Abhinaya Ramadurai.

I am Abhinaya Ramadurai, an Artist from Chennai, India.

I paint – predominantly people, their mind spaces and time.

I like to capture people in their contemplative moments. A moment of suspension, drifting into their mind space – at times in complete isolation from the surrounding dimension and at times in oneness with the physical space. It makes one wonder about how the mind works, how it makes a person drift away from reality, or makes one more aware of reality, or even makes one look for another dimension within reality.

Art is organic and yet explosive and therefore, I prefer working with all styles and formats in paint and pencils. I like the idea of possibilities and I thus explore various strokes, styles, mediums, and surfaces.

The Art and The Mind | Abhinaya Ramadurai

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