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The Art of Mirror Glaze Cakes By Marie Troïtski

The Art of Mirror Glaze Cakes By Marie Troïtski.

Marie Troïtski is a pastry chef from Moscow, Russia who uses her experience in architectural design to create one-of-a-kind pastry creations.

I was born into a family of architects. Parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brother – all the architects. Of course, I was greatly influenced architecture during my adolescence. Many people are surprised that I was fascinated by the art of pastry, having decided to lose the weight. First I cooked diet desserts for myself. I liked the cooking process. Then I had an idea to cook something on New Year’s family table. To get a good result, I started to train in advance. Then I prepared my first macarons, my first mirror glaze cake for my mother, my first tempered chocolate. My life has turned around 360 degrees and opened for me new horizons and opportunities. The love for architecture and knowledge base – my magic wand to create desserts. I’m inspired by the works of my favorite architects, compositions, panorama of the cities. Architecture gave me a sense of proportion and taste, the ability to create a harmonious composition. I have big plans for his life. The main thing is to work hard every day, to improve and not to give up in case of failure.

Jaguar Pastry,The Art of Mirror Glaze Cakes By Marie Troïtski #artpeople

Gold Castle Pastry,The Art of Mirror Glaze Cakes By Marie Troïtski #artpeople

My dream is to publish my own book with the recipes. And I’m already working on it with my favorite photographer. I often publish my cakes on social networks and on my website. A pastry shop with my desserts will open next year, but shh!

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Site: marieoiseau.ru

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