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THE ART OF NATURE: The story of the dentist who came to the forest for kindling wood but found a warm hobby for his soul

THE ART OF NATURE: The story of the dentist who came to the forest for kindling wood but found a warm hobby for his soul.

Any art – on canvas, in a sculpture or a piece of an old tree – reflects a spiritual state of a man in the first place. Something inside of a person – delicate, but rebellious, giving energy and joy of creation. Something that makes you see a proud bird or an alert little animal in weaved branches or a fallen tree. Most people will just pass by but someone will take the finding home to give it an eternal life in art.

In my workshop

Today’s character is one of those passionate creative individuals. On weekdays he is a successful dentist, but on weekends he leaves noisy Moscow, takes his snowmobile and begins his winter “hunting”. Not for prey but for old fallen trees that had long been exposed to natural powers and finally fell asleep in a snow-covered forest.

Please make him feel welcome. Alexander Cheglakov – an artist who transforms sleeping trees into amazing interior items.

What was the way of Alexander to such an interesting hobby? Let’s listen to the master himself.

The story of my hobby

(Alexander Cheglakov)

Some years ago, on the territory of my country-house, a huge spruce fell down. It got broken on the height of several meters and I had to cut it off by the roots.

At that very moment, I got fascinated by fallen century-old trees.

I had already had some experience with a chainsaw by then, but when I cut the trunk, I suddenly noticed that in spite of its rough surface it was incredibly beautiful. The tree turned out to be hollow inside and split alongside, it had an artful curvy form. I treated the piece of the tree the way I could and finally got a very interesting thing that still decorates one of the walls in the house!

And since then, during several years, when I have an opportunity, I devote my time to my favorite hobby – work with fallen trees.

On top of that, I select them really thoroughly … trees should correspond to my requirements… dry, weathered and long exposed to frost, rain and sun – the “worse” they look, the more distorted their shape is – the better. They are always very old.

I take spruce, birch and oak trees. Oaks are normally very old, quite often more than a century. I “hunt” for trees only in winter as I do it on my snowmobile with a sledge attached to it.

I slowly move along a forest and see all that beauty around, traces of animals. Sometimes I meet animals too. But my intention is to find special trees.

This is how my interest became a serious hobby. I call it “hobby” because I am a dentist by profession. I like to do everything beautifully and well.

Since then I’ve already had some exhibitions, some of my works were even taken beyond the seas.

For many friends of mine it was a big surprise to find out what I do as a hobby. I didn’t tell too much about it but my personal exhibition that took place last year made me disclose this “secret”.

And in late 2018 I became a member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia.

I want to mention that I add candles to each work of mine, candles are integral parts of this art. Real fire makes wood soulful, creates a cozy and warm atmosphere, gives incredible emotions! The reviews published in the book inspire me for new searches and further creativity.

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