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The Baling Wire Sculptures by #guleraycan

The Baling Wire Sculptures by #guleraycan.

He was born in Izmit/Turkey, in 1983. In 2012, he graduated from Mugla Sitki
Kocman University Fine Arts Faculty Department of Sculpture. In 2014, he started his master’s degree education in Ataturk University, Social Sciences Institute, Department of Sculpture. He participated in many group exhibitions and got many awards. He continues his artworks in Istanbul/Turkey.

His special weaving style and sculptures are unique in all over the world. He makes “the baling wire sculptures” weaving with needle-nose pliers, without using ready-made woven materials (like chicken wire). This kind of style needs too much time and patience.

Artist Statement

Venerated increasingly more in this day and age, “existence and competing for the top” are affecting of all of us more each day. Those that have fallen under the spell of this competition strive to get ahead without much effort and thus impose the notion fait accompli. Therefore, effort become trivialized.

Throughout history, everything borne out of hard work and effort has maintained its value and influence until the present. The rest is destined to oblivion and become obsolete in time.


The Baling Wire Sculptures by #guleraycan

1000x490x210 cm. (D x H x W)
Bağlama Teli / Baling wire / Filo cotto nero
Benzersiz / Unique / Unica
Elde örülmüş / Hand weaved / Tessuta a mano
12 km. (tel / wire / filo)
135 kg. (ağırlık / weight / peso)
1400′ (Toplam çalışma saati / Total working hours / Ore totali di lav.)

PEGASUS - 2016.The Baling Wire Sculptures by #guleraycan

PEGASUS - 2016.The Baling Wire Sculptures by #guleraycan


Work Time.The Baling Wire Sculptures by #guleraycan




YOU - 2014


"MELTEM & POYRAZ" - 2015





MELTEM - 2015

The Baling Wire Sculptures by #guleraycan