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The beauty of the unconscious


“I’ve always felt the need to communicate. I have never been concerned about how I could manage to do it but I knew I had to. Art is a need, an intrinsic necessity. vertical Nowhere melting fabric newlife agoraphobia alpha_decay Art_is_a_weapon Backward_1 intentions ellamarciello_Melancholia Absence The_Day_You_Left the lovers small_ things copia silence self_portrait_of_the_artist_as_a_young_messy

Ella Marciello was born during a fall night, in 1980. She completed her advanced scientific studies and when she was ready to choose for herself, she enrolled at the University of Liberal Arts in Turin. She finds a balance between her love of art and writing combining the two with the concept of space: the boundaries of a page or a canvas. To overcome those limits, during her artistic career she has explored different techniques and has eventually found her own artistic dimension halfway between informalism, abstract expressionism and matter painting. What isn’t (or not yet) expressible by words acquires the intrinsic connotation of art as seen in her eyes: deprived of any formal sense it encompasses every meaning in the artistic gesture, in the creative act itself. She draws inspiration from multiple and various influences: from the relationship between emotions and shades of colour to considering the body as a space and an instrument of art, from self-examination to the abstract visions of memories or human interactions. During the years she took part in several solo and group exhibitions in Italy and Europe .

“I’ve always felt the need to communicate. I have never been concerned about how I could manage to do it but I knew I had to. Art is a need, an intrinsic necessity. My art is mainly abstract because I think there are so varied and wide worlds that form just becomes a limit. I’m not interested in form. I’m interested in content, in matter, in emotions. My works are based on the emotions I feel while I paint, on memories, on human connections and interactions. What I am, what I feel during my creative process is the real artistic act. What we see on the canvas is a simulacrum, it’s the shell of something that has got lost and that leaves this trace as evidence. It is not describable by words and expressible in no other ways but this one. It often happened that the public looked at one of my works and asked: “what does it mean?” as if there was always a hidden meaning, not perceivable at a first glance. Every time my answer was: “ What does it mean, right now, for you?” What I try to do is to touch, to move something inside the viewer, without giving precise directions, through contrasts, colours and different media: my purpose is to make that moment of introspection come to light, the moment in which the public is intimately connected with my works of art. Most of my paintings reflect general human states: they are linked to self- examination and catharsis, to the acknowledgement of the human condition and to the awareness of the process of time. My goal is to reveal the beauty hidden in the unconscious.”




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