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Art is a form of human beings express their emotions, their history and their culture through some aesthetic values such as beauty, harmony, balance. 
Art can be represented in several ways, especially in music, sculpture, painting, cinema, dance, among others.

After its emergence, for thousands of years, art has evolved and occupying an important place in society, given that some art representations 
are indispensable for many people today, such as the music, which is capable of in leave happy when we are sad. It works as a distraction to
 certain problems, a way to express what we feel to the various groups of society.

MaTHE FLESH TREE TShirt Quadro 1 Untitled- 4 02 01 15 Untitled 11 Untitled 15 Untitled 17 01 03 06 14 Untitled 9 desertny people say they have no interest in art and movements linked to it, but they do not realize is that art is not restricted to paintings
 or sculptures, it can also be represented by more popular forms, such as music, film and dance. These art forms are practiced throughout the world,
 in different cultures. Currently the art is divided into classical and modern and anyone can get information about each of them and appreciate that
 best fit with your perception of art. My art can be describe to my self speaking, my innervision, my estructure, the bizarre completes, the abstract 
loves me, all of me is que, we are one, we Become one, creating new forms of life que doenst exist !!