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The Bogong Diaries

Mountains Embody Power, Silence and the Mind.

My father lived at the foot of Mount Bogong in the north east of Victoria in his early
years and still continues to visit. As children we holidayed there frequently. At first
we stayed with our great mother and then later we camped on the Kiewa River. Dad
took us canoeing and rafting down the river and hiking and exploring the High Plains.

On one of his hikes across Mt Bogong he had the rare opportunity to witness the
migration of the Bogong Moth flying up the valley and over the summit. In the
Australian Aboriginal Waywurru and Dhudhuroa languages, the mountain is named
Warkwoolowler, meaning the mountain where Aboriginal people collected the
Bogong Moths.

Mt Bogong and its surrounding environs holds special memories for me and as an
adult and now a father I too continue to visit and explore and photograph its magic.

This series of photographs will continue to grow as I explore both my heritage in
relation to the area and future experiences of this wonderland.





BD_DSC2439 BD_DSC2538 BD_DSC2846 The Bogong DiariesThe Bogong Diaries