These art pieces are made of polyester and polyurethane resin, bronze powder and acrylics.

My sculpture is strongly influenced by pop art and the advertising language. Having the human figure as the main subject, all my works try to reflect either real or unreal situations, and include a kind of surprise or guimic that pretends to attract attention and provoque some emotions, mainly by using a colour detail and creating unexpecting situations.

3df22793e0-la foto-38

7d59add445-Gordito ok

8b8343bd56-hombre buscando 2

78b3ac3b17-el amor tuerto


838a380b8a-la foto-77


ad2fc69391-piernas cruzadas

b096e1bb7c-Momentos en rosa 5


f63297abb3-culo281624ef1ea-marvzqz-roy3-3This is a wall sculpture made in two sequences. In one of them a man is making a bubble with a bubblegum and, in the next one, it´s exploding on his face.

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