The Color of Memory



The Color Of Memory: Yellowstone Falls, July 21, 2010. © Tom Turner Photography 2013

The Color Of Memory: Yellowstone Falls, July 21, 2010. © Tom Turner Photography 2013








Through my research I examine the importance of time to our perception of landscape, while also considering peoples’ relationships to our environments. My series “The Color of Memory” currently contains three distinct sections consisting of photographs as well as video installations. The largest section is “The Color of Memory: Sublime Gestures” which primarily investigates movement of light together with the human interaction across sublime landscapes of national parks. “Sublime Gestures”, like all of the work in this series, rearranges multiple exposures to create distortions in the relationship of color through movement. The rearranging of color channels of multiple layered images illustrates the fracturing of our perception of color as a fixed entity and how time alters our understanding of the landscape. Misaligning the color plates within the images performs the same function as a prism when refracting white light into the component colors, creating colorful ghosting where movement occurs.


“The Color of Memory: Santa Monica Color Experiment” studies the shifting perspective of the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean. This time‐lapse video and subsequent photographic works explore a single hour of the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica, California. The use of known photographic locations and themes, such as photographing the ocean at sunset permits the viewer to contemplative the space created by the work.


“The Color of Memory: Lunar Calendars” explores depictions of lunar phases by fracturing the expected white moonlight into it’s component colors. The source imagery for “Lunar Calendars” is appropriated from space agencies around the world. The act of appropriation from publicly funded organizations like NASA reinforces a universal ownership of the celestial object orbiting the earth. Like other “Color of Memory” works “Lunar Calendars” creates colorful depictions of the moon by creating distortions in the relationship of color and the moon’s phases. This work brings attention to our own connection with Earth’s natural satellite.!/index

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