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THE CORRIDOR : In pursuit of beauty.

THE CORRIDOR : In pursuit of beauty.

Release that soul in the space..
Undress Each skin complexion…
Discover the secret, Of longer lasting shadow…
Somehow,That shadow contains the entire universe.
final render:
THE CORRIDOR : In pursuit of beauty.
This is my new 3D personal project, A corridor .
3D Artist: Dhifaoui Samiha
Tools: 3Ds max_vray_marvelous designer_photoshop
Composition is the solid foundation in each visual project.
Numerous ways of getting composition have been tried since the world began.
Dynamic Symmetry is the answer to express action, animation, movement… Motion.
In this project i’ve tried to work on it, THE DYNAMIC SYMMETRY
images details: http://https://www.behance.net/gallery/51894723/THE-CORRIDOR-In-pursuit-of-beauty

making of:


La Alegría Dhifaoui Samiha

Graduated since 2011 from the School of Fine Arts of Tunis,TUNISIA. I strengthened my training and my working knowledges by integrating the school of art and technology Net-Info,nabeul,TUNISIA, speciality ” 3D production and VFX “. Firm and autonomous, I acquired during my university program a robust experience through the various projects that I exercised in Freelance besides my projects of study.
My experience in the sector of the architecture the real estate and the BTP , allowed me to consider me also to the inseparable architecture and the building of the interior design. And I was able to realize architectural projects in Tunisia but also abroad in Freelance.

be :https://www.behance.net/la_alegria
inst : https://www.instagram.com/la_alegria_cgi/