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The Echo

Chen Po Yuan (Po)

National Taiwan University of Arts

An enthusiastic Taiwanese traveler, Po, who traveled to lots of country when young. Spent years living in both India and Thailand, he has encountered different mixed cultures and their ways of life. Deepened by the experience within the gray zone of the cities, he focused on the mind and reinforced the idea that the mind matters. Learning from different artists and earning top places in Thailand’s art competition, make him firm with what his goals are, which is to enjoy art.

The Echo (Colored Pencils Series)

The central idea of my work is repetition versus transparency. In Taiwan, the country where I come from, fruits and vegetables symbolize prosperity. In my creation I want to show prosperity through repetition as well as my own obsession with food.

Prosperity is represented by repeating, superimposing and overlapping pieces of fruit and vegetables. My goal was to make an abundant number from only one or two items. I went more abstract by changing the roundness of the vegetables into zigzags and squares to vary the repetition. The work moves along developing a meaning of trust and reality between person and the food. Colors of dark, referring to the pesticides added, are planted in the work picture. Leaving behind the illusion of true abundance and the question of how it is made, it sends a message to the viewer to identify every piece of information more clearly.

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