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The Equine principle

My sculptures take elements from both the horse and the male human figure.

I am combining the two, to create a hybrid form and to experiment how they overrule each other, how they come together, how they share physical traits and what kind of a relation one has with the other.My association with the horse began at a very young age. I have drawn and sculpted it persistently, fragmented its form, deconstructed it and reassembled it again, to explore what new forms it can take, while retaining some of its basic characteristics.
I take inspiration from the centaurs of Greek mythology, Chiron and the classical horse studies of Leonardo da Vinci. The horse also takes a special seat in our culture appearing as the Zuljanah or the Burraq, which also indirectly influence my work.

Davinci's spectre

davinci,s spectre

Davinci's spectre

embrace of death

the equine principle

A familiar truth