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The work: “The Fighters”

A short film dedicated to combativeness by Yannis Mouhoun, young 23-year-old creator.
The general description of “The Fighters”: A short film dedicated to combativeness. To those who, facing adversity, refuse to capitulate. To those who vacillate, sway, but never yield. To all these small battles and to all these great victories we take for and against us.

The link of the work: https://vimeo.com/153240791

Release date: Sunday 31 January 2016 at 8 PM.

The context: Produced in the region of Montpellier in January 2016, this audiovisual work combines the story of 5 young adults who are very different, but all prey to personal issues.

The characters: Here are the 5 main characters:
1° Social downgrading
Thomas represents the fight against social downgrading through his commitment to boxing.


2° Sentimental break-up
Madeleine illustrates the courage and perseveration necessary for personal reconstruction after a break-up.


3° Shyness

Thomas is scared of the idea of talking to the woman he likes so much but eventually he takes the plunge in order to taste her lips.


4° The handicap, the illness
Mathilde shows the battle against the handicap and the physical wounds in order to use her legs again.


5° Stage fright, pressure
Maxence embodies the businessman, the man of authority, who overcomes stage fright and goes beyond the pressures inherent to his life of a charismatic leader.


The comments and the feedback given by the spectators of the work: The work in itself is a known story. Not invented. The producer invested everything in accuracy. The shots are thorough, the sequence chains clean, the original musical composition poignant and the voice-over transcendent. The story crescendos and this makes the victory ever more beautiful. The synchronization of the shots with the music and the voice offer a result full of emotions and precision.

The creator: Yannis Mouhoun is a 23-year-old French entrepreneur and artist from Lyon, France. Currently at the head of MC, European organization which edits and produces editorial projects on the web, he has a solid experience in the fields of creative writing, musical composition, graphic conception and video production. “The Fighters” is the first opus of a new original production series he wishes to develop.

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The agency: “The Fighters” is Yannis Mouhoun’s first production in the framework of his agency, Harvey Winston. It’s a creative agency linked to a studio. Unlike traditional production corporations, HW is supported by self-taught and polyvalent artists. Its approach is firmly transdisciplinary and confers to its creative process a quite particular harmony. HW produces original contents while focusing on intransigence and aestheticism.

The last word: “We believe that the stories that make sense, when transposed skillfully, produce an impact that resists the ordeal of time.”