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The Fishermen of the Caspian Sea

The Fishermen of the Caspian Sea.

The job of some of the inhabitants of the Caspian Sea coastlines in the north of IRAN is fishing.

Every year in the cold season that is not the period of fish spawning, the fishermen manage to fish by spreading the fishing nets in the sea.

Fishing is being done in groups and partly in traditional methods. They use mechinaries as motor boats and tractors as well.

The Persian Caviar of the Caspian sea has a world wide reputation, although its fishing is forbidden by ordinary people and only the governmental sectors have the licence of the job.

Anyhow, only those fishermen with official licence are allowed to fish.

This Photo collection portrays the fishermen’s attempts in fulfilling the task.

Mirsafi  Andikolaei  –  Feb. 2018

The Fishermen of the Caspian Sea


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