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The Flowery Artworks of Dégun

The Flowery Artworks of Dégun

20 Years Old French Artist, born in Nice and living in Marseille in the South of France. I’m a digital artist, who works with Photoshop. All types of art inspire me, I like using many colours in my artworks.

I named myself Dégun“, because “dégun” is a local term in Marseille which means “No one”, i love this idea of the mysterious anonymity for a name.

I try by my art to make feel émotions to people,by using subject,composition,colours etc… In every work I put a clear or astract idea, but art is subjective and personal for everyone. Each one makes his own interpretation.

I love using flowers in my compositions because they are powerful, colored, and a beautiful symbol of peace.

I hope one day I could live on my art.

You can see more on my Website and my Instagram .





True Love

“True Love”




“Symetric Beauty”



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