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This project consist in a group of jewelry and tableware pieces modeled in 3d and printed in porcelain.

Created to build a body into the body. Inspired by the classic sculptures , fashion , film and the man himself.

This collection try to create a kind of “Franskestein’s monster over yourself or your table”. Mixing a digital technique with something as organic as a body, making this process as digitally handcrafted as is possible.

There are two collections that coexists The Frank Collection Home & The Frank Collection Jewelry, crockery with the same theme .

This collection is continually growing and will continue completing future bracelet and new items for the table.

Frank_Waretable_4-copia Frank_Waretable_27-copia Frank_Waretable_28-copia Frank_Waretable_29-copia Frank_Waretable_30-copia Frank_Waretable_31-copia Frank_Waretable_54-copia
IMG_0867-copia IMG_9195 IMG_9240 joyasporce_1-copia joyasporce_2-copia joyasporce_3-copia joyasporce_4-copia

Frank Collection