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The game of earth

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Paintings and Sculptures signed Delta N.A. tells about the lightness of an harmonious universe in which humanity of feelings and immensity of spirit merge in a dance of colors and lines ; morbid shapes once well delineated with solid colors, are now losing their boundaries and are dissolving in the widespread light of an infinite space, in the harrowing search of a perfect union between immensity of destiny and human fragmented daily life.



Delta NA is comprised of artists Neva Epoque and Alessandro Vignola.

They met at the university of Psychology in Turin were they graduated in 2003 but art was always a great passion they have cultivated since childhood so after falling in love and becoming a couple they chose art as way of living becoming professionals and using their psychological background to explore themselves deeply so to  express completely their souls. After portraits and figurative works (in 2007), they  started describing their inner world expressing themselves simultaneously, in tandem, while working on the same canvas.

“By removing all boundaries between themselves and their medium, including the use of brushes, the transference of their combined emotional energies paint an homeopathic palette. Their work expresses a true sense of being and reflect a new-found meaning to spiritual connectivity” ( David Zelikovsky, curator at CATM New York ); this technique gave them the name of “Instinctive Expressionists” ( Galeria El Lunario, San Jose del Cabo, Mexico 2012).


“DeltaN.A. is not just a signature at the bottom of a painting, but indicates the union  between two souls and only one destiny” (Tibor Stancokzy Perkins, curator at Soho Gallery Beverly Hills).

Delta N.A.’s art  is the result of a total and complex collaboration between two hearts beating at the same rhytm and two hands (sometimes four) painting and sculpting simultaneously. They mix in this way male and female, two different souls, two different way of seeing the world. “The story of this couple of artists seems to come out of the pages of the “Elective Affinities” of Goethe, where an irresistible force of attraction is binding inextricably two people.” (Armando Brignolo, La Stampa).

After many years working together and thanks to their strong connection  Delta N.A. are now creating in a complete technical and emotional fusion and their artworks seem made by only one artist.


In 2008 they had their first solo exhibition in their town Asti and in 2010 they brought their art in the international contemporary art scene travelling to south America and later to the United States with many group and solo shows: ” The Colors of Joy” ( 2012 BOA Art Gallery, Los Angeles California), “American Dreams” and “New Japonisme”  (2013/2014,  Soho Gallery Beverly Hills, California) until being noticed in New York by the talent agency CATM representing them in the U.S.A. since 2013.

In 2014 they were invited by the prestigious American Art Magazine Irreversible Art Magazine to represent Italy  with a sculpture during “Giants in The City” exhibition, Bayfront Park, Miami, Florida.

“Their wondrous imagination is transformed into a monumental declaration with the sculpture “In-Love”. The work’s soft, almost Oldenburg-esque sense of the organic deceives the senses and its true physicality. While other artists only succeed in imitating the ethereal, mitigating the natural unnaturally, Delta NA compose a symphonic movement of unity that engrosses the public’s heart and due attention.” (David Zelikovsky, Curator at CATM New York Gallery).


In Italy after receiving the “Quality and Originality Award” at the 5th Biennale of Genoa and the “Jury Award” at the Satura Prize 2013 they started collaborating with the Die Mauer Arte Contemporanea, Prato and with the French gallery Beddington Fine Art placed in Bargemon du Var France.