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The Golden Fly



Weaam El Masry

110x70 cm, penand glass colors on transparent paper, 2013 66x40 cm, pen and collage on chinese paper, 2012 120x80cm, pen, chinese ink and acrylic on hard paper, 201335x35 cm (3) 35x35 cm (4) 35x35 cm 35x35cm (2) 35x35cm 98x66 cm 120x80 cm. 2 120x80 cm 120x80cm (2) 120x80cm 150x35cm 2013-05-15 08.54.36

Weaam El Masry

Born in 1976, Weaam El Masry is an Egyptian Cairo-based multi-award winning visual artist. She holds a PH.D. in media art from the Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University. She is a painter who at times moves to photography, animation and installation. Her work has been exhibited at galleries, festivals, Biennales and museums locally and internationally notably the 5th Beijing International Art Biennale 2012 (China), One Minute Film & Video Festival in Aarau 2008 (Switzerland), The Egyptian Museum of Contemporary Art, and many group and solo exhibitions in Egypt and abroad. With over 25 awards and scholarships from different institutions in Egypt and abroad; for example but not limited to; the Culture Resource Award for Artistic Production for Young Arab Artists & Writers (the Arab region), D.A.A.D (Germany), The UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries for Artists, Pro-Helvetia (the Swiss Arts Council), Alexandria library (Egypt), Kulturamt Düsseldorf (Germany) and over 53 exhibitions under her belt. El Masry’s works are in private and public Collections; notably Bibliotheca Alexandrina; The Museum of Egyptian Modern Art and private collections in Egypt, Germany, USA and Spain.

El Masry’s work evolves around women and their struggles at different stages of their lives. Tackling the position of women in her native society with a sense of unease, her work incites both anger and hope; confusion and determination. Timeless and universal, her work portrays the perseverance of women who want to follow a certain path.