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The Heart of an Artist

The Heart of an Artist is an inspirational book about my many different paintings that are uniquely designed to inspire others.

An exclusive and elegant collection of paintings created on my artistic journey where I found peace within the healing and therapeutic outcomes of painting, creating and producing these artworks. The reason for writing this book was to share with you from my heart the many ways of self-discovery that have helped and guided me in pursuing my passion. Hopefully, those viewing this book will appreciate its beautiful and magnificent style because allowing new beginnings to take form is what an artist creates on canvas when exploring with various medium as we express ourselves.

It was not long ago that my creativity came to light as a natural talent with producing these versatile and beautiful artworks there is also a sincere respect and admiration for the great artists of the past and present who are gifted in painting, drawing and illustrating their stories. Although by not embodying one distinct definable style of painting such as abstract, cubist, or impressionist, my paintings and artwork are uniquely different from one another because Art by its nature resonates with a person because it vibrates and intuitively draws one to feel.  An artwork can awaken feelings of anything from calm and soothing to energetic, stimulating or even inspiring. The great Masters of the Arts like Salvador Dali, Picasso, Van Gough and many others were giving birth to their legacy in a very different era and we may live in very different times from these masters but the true artistic spirit still resides within those of us who’s soul journey is that of the Artist.

We have arrived at a new age of creativity producing art for this time to be enjoyed now and in generations to come. Each of us play a role in the lives of others whether we choose for it to be positive or otherwise so by having a good sense of humour in the circus we call our world is a good and healthy way to be. This book not only displays beauty but it is also intended to inspire you to feel your happiness and experience inner peace within the spirit of your own creativity because my purpose in discovering these qualities lies in the truth that in my journey as an artist it is about the well-being of others and the heartfelt desire to touch lives with Art. Yes, an artist can seem eccentric and anything but normal however beyond such label’s artists have and always will bring their own brand of beauty to this world.

There have been many excellent books on the techniques and theories of art, however, the simple truth is that the eye captures our attention to the things we like and are drawn towards. When admiring these paintings, it would be good to appreciate its various styles as it is also intended to remove a few unknown possibilities and mysteries around art, artists and the work we do. An artist can be recognized and validated regardless of people’s preconceived ideas because some of us understand our calling, and some of us are still searching yet we are all in the developmental process so be inspired to tap into your artistic side.

The Grunge inspired by our inner teenager because being free and young at heart is at the core of our human experiences. An artwork has the energy to make you feel drawn to its frequency through your feelings and emotional state so to have art is like having oxygen to breathe. The colour combination in this painting has caught many people’s attention, a piece that speaks to anyone who enjoys the colours that blend well together and the carefree spirit it represents.  It was also the perfect print for a skateboard design created online and other print merchandises because many parts of this painting can be utilised creatively.

Inspiring lives with Art

Inspiring lives with Art