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“The Landscapes Within” by bodypainter and photographer Vilija Vitkute

“The Landscapes Within” by bodypainter and photographer Vilija Vitkute.

Photography and bodypainting - Vilija Vitkute ART

Lofoten Island

The unique project “The Landscapes Within” created by artist, bodypainter and photographer Vilija Vitkute in Islands of Lofoten in Arctic, Sweden, Portugal and Italian Alps.

These artworks speaks about human and nature relationship, lost connection to mother nature and climate change.

26 Years old artist Vilija Vitkute is based in Sweden and Italian Alps . She takes inspiration from her surroundings. She is professional bodypainter and photographer that travels around the world and creates bodypainting projects, performances, exhibitions and films.


Lofoten Island

She said: “I take the surrounding nature and I recreate it on my model, which from a certain perspective allows them to almost perfectly disappear into the environment.

“Such painting requires me to be fully focused. To see the right perspective and colours takes so much attention to detail it’s difficult.

“I must paint very fast as well because the model cannot stay in the same position for too long, especially when we are outside battling with the weather and harsh conditions.

“I’m inspired in general by the nature that surrounds me and all its beauty. The message I’m trying to get across is ‘how can we be one with nature, be nothing and live fully in the moment.

“The camouflage bodypainting I did in the Arctic circle was probably the most extreme project I had ever done. I hiked the mountains and then created the art on mountain tops in harsh arctic conditions – it was a challenge.

Some of these pictures are able on Vilija Art online gallery – www.vilijaart.com for sell as photo prints and soon coming calander!

“I love challenges. To create something different makes me extremely happy.”

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