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The Legend.

Irina Sergeyeva was born in Siberian city Tomsk, Russia. Now she lives and works in Moscow, Russia.

She is a member of Artists Union, included in the register of professional artists of Russia.
Irina Sergeyeva is a multifaceted artist and is not limiting herself to the particular genre, theme or style.
With equal ease she is creating plain-air landscapes, figurative, genre paintings and with pleasure provides the artworks for the books and the albums of prominent musicians.
The artist has gained wider recognition first and foremost owing to her music-related portraits and paintings. Particularly here Jazz series were appreciated both by general audience and professionals.

Recently the artist has new large-scale project «Mythology Today» in progress.

Paintings by Irina Sergeyeva are acquired by private and corporate collections in Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, UK, USA, Lithuania and France.



A new painting for the new project by Irina Sergeyeva “MYTHOLOGY TODAY”.
Kairos is an ancient God of good luck and happy monent. The model for “Kairos” is a famous Russian rock-singer Nikita Preshyakov, the leader of the rock-group “MULTIVERSE”

The concept of the project is the mythological archetypes in modern reality. The artist explores the life and transformation of the world archetypes in the communal unconscious, and embodies them in her own imaginative vision. The project invites the viewer to step behind the curtain of everyday life, to awaken imagination and think:
Who were the gods and other infernal beings at present time, in our life?
Who could embody the rebellious angel Lucifer? Definitely, he would be brilliant and world-famous rock musician! And what was flamboyant Horus, the Son of Heaven? Circe, enchantress, is changing reality by glance, careless Pandora creates turbulence in the history of mankind… And who knows, may be apocalyptic wolf Fenrir has ripped Gleypnir already, broken the divine sword, and wandering among the people, unrecognized yet? … To be continued
New works will be added upon readiness. Opening of the Exhibition is planned for 2016.


The Legend

Acrilic on canvas, 120×80 sm

Created for the personal exhibition of Irina Sergeyeva ‘Vilnuis in love” at the Embassy of Lithuania in Moscow, Russia. 2013