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The Leopard

Valérie Brusauro aka Diva is based in Barcelona. She creates a new art concept around the Light and the Nature introducing in her art the Swarovski crystal with a very special and unique sensibility.

The Leopard is part of the serie «  Salvaje » created by Diva for the Art people exibition event in Los Angeles.Mixing various technics like photography, digital art and handmade application of Swarovski crystals, Diva bring life to her visions with some artworks full of tridimensional and light textures effects.

She paints with the light of the crystal as it was a color.

« I love to call it the Light color , a savage color who is changing and transforming all the time.

The Leopard by Diva 1The Leopard by Diva 3 The leopard by Diva 2 The Leopard by Diva 4 def