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The Loneliness

Photographed isolated trees in lots of places. This is a way to alert the world to deforestation.

Brazil is the second country with greater vegetation cover in the world, second only to Russia. However, the Impe (National Institute for Space Research) recorded in 2014, in Brazil, a total area of 1.162,50km² deforestation. About 80% of timber extraction in the Amazon occur illegally. By the year 2002 according to the calculations of Impe, the area deforested in the Amazon was greater than the size of France. The Atlantic Forest has lost approximately 93% of its forest cover, leaving only 7%. This deforestation is closely linked to other ecosystem damage, such as pollution, invasion of alien species in urban centers, biodiversity loss, soil depletion, climate change, erosion, among others. climate change being experienced by us today with the lack of rain. Also photographer storms. All my photos are of travel. I always try something different, unusual to display the majority. Photography is the poetry of stillness. While showed a different world also warn people to observe more in the nature and preversevá it too.