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The man behind the shadows

The man behind the shadows.

My primary interest  is the creation of visually expressionist images and objects that allow to resignify domestic situations related to the shadow as my main conceptual framework. The shadow as psychiatrist Carl Jung defined, being the dark side of our personality, because it consists essentially of the primitive, negative, socially depreciated impulses and emotions, and that is obscured from consciousness. Whatever we consider inferior or unacceptable, and deny in ourselves becomes part of the shadow. Aniela Jaffe, Jungian analyst, defines the shadow as the ‘‘sum of all personal and collective psychic elements which, because of their incompatibility with the chosen conscious attitude, are denied expression in life.”

I intent that my artmaking practice has the capacity to materialize the shadow, exonerate the deepest secrets of psychological trauma, conscious as well as unconscious desires, all internal problems of the desire of the secrets. I think of art as a tool to activate thoughts around hegemonic situations in different social settings.

The fundamental elements and  concepts for the develpment of my own formal proposals are body/flesh, pain, atmosphere of society,  attraction for the forbidden and cruelty,                            as well as trauma in their purest form of approach (o reconciliation)  for emotional and physical  confrontation (o encounter), current discourses, all linked to the self-referential.

Exploring the portrait, where the spectator is active builder of the development of the artwork, where the body experiences a physical and emotional resistance. I think about the spaces as a narrative from the most intimate emotional and psychological experiences rendering of how the world affected her/him.

Faces and bodies are taken from their context that I capture on paper, where the spectator becomes participant of her/his own catarsis that allows vast umber of lectures- The artwork is an act done in front of the other, that bursts the logical from the routine, and there is where I reflect about art as a thought that unites with life itself, where memory is in charge of communicating an unrepeteable time.


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