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The Markz Of Max

My work Could be described as many things.. But most would consider it “Doodle” or “Psychedelic” art.

It all begun when i was about 15-16 when i saw some incredible doodle art. That is when i knew I would draw for as long as it took for me to become as good as the Artwork that inspired me in the first place. After a few months of drawing simple shapes and lines I really begun to improve and even surprise myself.

My work is extremely detailed and complex.. I include hidden words and lots of pictures hiding withing pictures throughout most of them. My art is very much a reflection of my reality as I suffer from schizo-effective disorder and depression, and it was not long after i discovered my love for art that The illnesses begun to affect my life.

Tripocalypse The Looneys The Greed Brain Bomb Fun And Games Filth My World