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The Matrix (Lightinstallation)

Presented at the Light – Art –  Festival September 2014 Ingolstadt Germany 

On Square of more than 3000 square meters and illuminated by 88 bulbs of 400 watts.

A Statement from “Lichtrom” Festival Curator Cendra Polsner about my Work:

As admirable light Alchemist the artist Markus Jordan is known far beyond his native country as well Ingolstadt both for his large-scale installations as well as his meticulous sculptural objects. His sense of magic, but also for realism in dealing with the medium of light, allow his works to act as play areas of mathematics that draw the viewer into an involuntary spell. Always concentrate and substantially manage his installations to fascinate as encounter of science and art, and to convince without losing its magical charm.



Photographed by Paul Voigt


Photo @ Paul VoigtPhoto @ Paul VoigtLichtstrom_Festival_Markus_Jordan_print_014Lichtstrom_Festival_Markus_Jordan_print_019Lichtstrom_Festival_Markus_Jordan_print_022Lichtstrom_Festival_Markus_Jordan_print_023Photo @ Paul VoigtPhoto by Paul VoigtPhoto @ Paul VoigtPhoto @ Paul VoigtLichtstrom_Festival_Markus_Jordan_print_014Lichtstrom_Festival_Markus_Jordan_print_022Photo @ Paul Voigt