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The Mirror

“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”

Alfred Stieglitz

Photography is a word derived from the Greek words photos (“light”) and graphe (“to draw”). It refers to a method of recording images by the action of light, or related radiation, on a sensitive material.  As it evolves and technology advances, we see changes in the way that the creative process happens. Some people take it as a hobby. Therefore, a pretty picture is taken because the camera is good. For some others photography is a way to do business and for others means something far beyond limits which we can call “Passion”.

On this regard photography equals passion to me. There is no other way I could describe something so unique and wonderful. The camera by itself is a machine created to perform an action.  This action refers to capture an image, which can be as real as it is presented or retouched by the artist through using software that allows manipulating contrasts, colors and shadows.

Every creative process requires a beginning, a development an end, and this is what gives birth to the artist’s speech. Photography summarizes all the process in one “click”. However, a camera is just a tool since the real creator is the photographer, an artist telling a story through a portrait, landscape or specific event. I think there is a fusion between the artist, the storyteller, the machine and man to become what I define as “the mirror”. The artist then is capturing what the outside world reflects. Finally, I conclude that my belief resides in the fact that photography is more than just an artistic expression, more than a hobby a job or a passion. Photography  is first and foremost a way of living.

Being a photographer envisions so many aspects of the creating work. Having a passion that last despite your own opinions is a challenge that I ask myself to overcome every day.



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