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The Music | Mikhail Batrak

The Music | Mikhail Batrak.

Mikhail Batrak Born in 1984 in provincial town of southern Ukraine, graduated nautical college and carved out successful career as a merchant navy officer, but at a certain point he started to disappoint in one-size-fits-all concept of modern life. In pursuit of answers he turned to photography and Zen, learned quickly and developed own methods and approaches.  Since  2011 he concentrates on photomanipulations. Negation of a conventional reality and meditation enabled him to unite seemingly opposite concepts and ideas in creative space, reflect a spiritual search for the self and the fullness of existence.

“Although photography is the source, post processing is the main stage of my creative process.  Even with  very clear idea I would like to have full control over the  objects in my image, ability to change, move, reshape and repaint at any given stage to obtain the image that would tell a story. On the other hand I always strive to obtain collage as realistic as a photograph to believe in it. This process is much closer to painting than to traditional photography, but certainly gives much more satisfaction and room for creativity”


Our Daily Bread.The Music | Mikhail Batrak #artpeople

Perfect Tan.The Music | Mikhail Batrak #artpeople

Blue Violin.The Music | Mikhail Batrak #artpeople

newborns.The Music | Mikhail Batrak #artpeople

Sweet Home.The Music | Mikhail Batrak #artpeople

The Music.The Music | Mikhail Batrak #artpeople

Das Techno.The Music | Mikhail Batrak #artpeople

The Tape.The Music | Mikhail Batrak #artpeople