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The Oil Paintings of Matthew James Collins

The Oil Paintings of Matthew James Collins.

Matthew James Collins was born in Oak Park, Illinois, in 1970. Nurtured in an artistic family, his enthusiasm for art was encouraged from the earliest age. By his early teens, his study of drawing had already begun under the tutelage of his father, James Edward Collins, an award-winning architect.

The Consolation of Philosophy, oil on linen, 60cm x 80cm

For over 20 years, Matthew has been living in Italy studying and researching the classical techniques painting and sculpture.  He shares his acquired knowledge through his teaching studio in Florence, Italy.

The Young Architect, oil on linen, 50cm x 70cm

An artist of unusually wide breadth, his oil paintings, frescos and sculptures reveal a rigorous study of the masterworks of the past and a deep observation of nature.  Not limited to a single genre his oeuvre includes portraiture, landscape, decoration and figurative subjects.

Mattia, oil on linen, 50cm x 60cm, Collection MEAM, Barcelona

Matthew divides his time between Italy and Chicago. He exhibits internationally and his works represented in public and private collections throughout the United States and Europe.

Boreas, oil on linen, 90cm x 160cm

Enchanted, oil on linen, 120cm x 180cm


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