The One in the Wood

We live in the world with the inexplicable irony of technology. Developed from natural materials and created by humans,

it consummates and destroys our world and poses both problems and solutions simultaneously. Although we have the ability to create things of such a high technological level, are we really as “advanced” as our technology? Often the purpose of technology is to compensate for our limits as a species. From primitive technology to the recent plans for weather control, humans have consistently tried to control the environment around them to feel empowered.

I always want my works to have a poetic expression that contrasts the mechanical nature of technological art. This particular installation in the nature ‘The One in the Wood’ is about technology in direct relation to human and nature.

The One in the Wood C.Y Ok

The One in the Wood
C.Y Ok

The One in the Wood

The One in the Wood The One in the Wood


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