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Artist Marconi Calindas dabbles on black lines and pure hues as his trademarks of distinctive rendering style.

Artist Marconi Calindas dabbles on black lines and pure hues as his trademarks of distinctive rendering style.

Artist Marconi Calindas dabbles on black lines and pure hues as his trademarks of distinctive rendering style.

Award winning artist Marconi Calindas dabbles on black lines and pure hues as his trademarks of distinctive rendering style. While his subject matter varies from pop icons to triumphs of the human spirit, it’s the boldness of his visual vocabulary that holds the viewers attention and continues to attract a widening audience. Marconi Calindas has been a resident artist in San Francisco. Translating his art onto clothing using designs inspired by Guam and Northern Mariana Islands. Stateside, he has been invited to display his work in public art projects ranging from San Francisco City Hall, Children’s Creative Museum, SoMARTS Gallery SF, Hotel Triton Mezzanine Gallery, Magnet SF and Menlo College to exhibits at A-Forest Gallery NYC, Intermedia Arts Gallery Minneapolis, Artists Alley SF, and Aspect Gallery in San Francisco among many others. A grand prize winner for the New Era Introducing Global Creative Project North America 2012 competition, where his winning piece that tackled a sensitive subject about teen bullying and suicide was showcased in five key art cities in the US: New York City, Miami, Los Angeles and Miami and in Toronto, Canada from October to November 2012. His recent douse of Art Direction for the recently released short film ‘Prinsesa (2014)’ won him Outstanding Art Direction during the Scary Cow Short Film Festival held in San Francisco, CA. He also was selected out of 6,500 submissions from around the globe for the 2014 Embracing Our Differences Outdoor Exhibit in Sarasota and Bradenton, Florida. Furthermore, his works have also been featured as cover images in publications for the Organization of Refuge, Asylum and Migration International in 2012 and 2013 publications. San Francisco’s Office of the Supervisors honored Marconi with a Certificate of Recognition for adding pride to San Francisco’s art scene and for advocating on equality and understanding for the troubled members of its community. He also released a children’s book about bullying ‘Of Petals and Hope: Sonny Sunflower Triumphs Over Bullying’ which he co-wrote and illustrated. In 2015, he won the Emirates Airlines Art of Travel Art Competition where over thousands of artists from around the world participated. His winning art is the new design for Emirates Skywards Platinum membership card. This year, Marconi has been selected as one of the four Hearts in SF Sculpture artists. His creation will be displayed at the famed San Francisco Union Square and around the city. For more information, visit www.marconicalindas.com or email the artist at calindasmarconi@me.com.

What Wonder Woman Means to a Gay Guy Like Me?

Artist Marconi Calindas dabbles on black lines and pure hues as his trademarks of distinctive rendering style.

I have been a fan of Wonder Woman since I was a young kid. At 10 years old, I had asked my mom to sew me that Wonder Woman bottom or shorts as long as there’d be stars on it. My mom just looked at me and probably ignored the hell what I just asked her. If only I had a magic lasso back then I would probably know the truth from her. Hah.

Why did it take so long to get a Wonder Woman film done?

Can you imagine when I finally got to see the film on big screen? It was just marvelous despite the five month old baby seating two seats from me. Ok that’s another story.

I knew I’d be full of emotions including excitement, exhilaration, name it, name ‘em all. The film was masterfully crafted, from cinematography to costumes to production design, to visual effects and boy, those awesome action scenes. What more can you ask for in a superhero flick right?

However, what brought this wonderful cinematic experience is the fact that finally the lead for this film is in fact a woman. Hundreds have already been written about this but I will say it again, there are not enough superhero films that have women as lead characters. Yes, there were Elektra and Catwoman and they bombed. One article says, superhero films with male leads also crash in the box office but they keep on getting made.

This feature film as I answered a question from this straight guy next to me in the movie house, is a breakout and breakthrough film. It’s refreshing to see a female superhero leading to end and win the war. That scene (spoiler alert) when she just brazenly and stubbornly walked through the battle and faced the Germans head on gave me chills. The dramatic scene just moved me, almost into tears. I couldn’t believe, a woman, a heroine leading the pack, undaunted. That battle scene that you would so anticipate since the beginning of the film will just make you feel good and up on your seat. That’s how I felt and it felt good.

The film is of course not perfect, but the entirety of it is just splendid. Hats off to the female director, Patty Jenkins. Moreover, I thought there could never be an actor to play Wonder Woman as Lynda Carter did in the 70’s. Gal Gadot just proved me wrong. Her stance, her innocence in the movie was just spot on. Oh and she can act too! Chris Pine is the secret ingredient in this film. He is just natural.

So what does it mean to me, as an out and proud gay guy? I know, I know. This film is all about women empowerment and putting women finally out there. However, as a gay guy this means a lot more. This means, at last the marginalized sector in the society is being represented to literally lead the pack. I was in tears because finally our hero, our symbol of strength has made it in the big screen and will break all records on unbelievable proportions. Of course, this could be an exaggeration but hey, believe me this will make more money than Batman vs Superman. Box Office Mojo says, “Compared to the last three DC Comics films, reviews have been off the charts as it currently holds a 75 rating on Metacritic, a score much higher than the likes of Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, of which only Man of Steel scored higher than 50 on the Metacritic scale.”

Someday, a gay superhero will be on the big screen too, who knows right? Until then, I am so happy and proud that Wonder Woman finally happened at the right time.

Go and see it this weekend. (Marconi Calindas)


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