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The other side of reality


My work is juxtaposed between fiction and reality.

Interested in dreams, being them a mixture of our traumas, passions, deepest fears and desires blended with our daily reality, and the greatest exponent tool we have to show our most real “I”, I like to confront what belongs to this subconscious parcel with the surrounding reality, exploring the hidden world that resides inside us and the depth of mind and soul, going beyond reality.


I do it through a storytelling creative process, where each image is a story, a story that is part at the same time of a bigger play running in my head.

Within a surreal atmosphere, subject shows up often in loneliness, frozen in a moment where something has just/is about to happen like an incomplete sentence aiming to lead the viewer, to interact with the scene and unravel the plot from his own perception.

Symbolism charge is a common element to all my work, being all a perceptible representation of an idea.

The concepts I often play around with, are human self-strength and power, the individual and its habitat, the decay and rise, the passing of time, captivity and freedom.

Sailing on a memory









ghosts of the past








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bici volando



Cristina Ramos was born and raised in Zaragoza, Spain till attending Fine Arts school in University Complutense of Madrid. She spent all her childhood painting and drawing and photography-bug bites her accidentally in her teenage years by coming across some photo-exhibitions. Starting with landscape and portrait photgraphy, learning and developing technical skills, soon felt she needed to take a step further, so she started considering  the camera not just a tool to capture the place or the moment in time, but a tool to capture her imagination. She began re-creating through photography the concepts she was walking around with, and working on in her painting projects, and nowadays, both photographic and painting languages constitute in equal parts her mean of expression.

Cristina nació y creció en Zaragoza, España hasta que comenzó sus estudios de Bellas Artes en el C.e.s.Felipe Segundo de La Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Pasó su infancia pintando y dibujando, y el gusano de la fotografía no le picaría hasta la adolescencia, a través de la visita a algunas exposiciones de fotografía. Empezando con paisaje y retrato, estudiando y desarrollando habilidades técnicas, pronto sentiría la necesidad de dar un paso más allá, y empezaría a tomar la fotografía más que como herramienta de capturar el momento o el lugar, como herramienta para capturar su imaginación. Así pues, comenzó a recrear a través de la fotografía los conceptos e ideas que desarrollaba en sus proyectos de pintura. Hoy en día, fotografía y pintura constituyen sus dos medios de expresión al 50%.