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the smile

pencil on canvas

Art in the Middle Rhine // Art Historian Dr. Denise Steger // September 15the 2014
Translation: Florette Hill

The gallery of Angelika Ehrhardt-Marschall, head of the “Kunsthaus Rhine light” particularly estmates to exhibit the works of the internationally successful painter Ali Zülfikar, born in Turkey and living in Cologne – the exhibition includes a large number of masterful portrait drawings in large format on canvas and hand-made paper as well as paintings made in the way of traditional Turkish, evidence-based, plant-based wool color. This manufacturing process Ali Zülfikar has developed and their special quality determines the materiality and the structure of his works.

The ultimate goal of a portrait artist is to understand the soul and a person’s life, to make it visible. The artist succeeds in a very special way. Especially those portraits of old people are worked out in earth tones and develop under his hand an intensity and expressiveness that affect the viewer in a very emotional way. These people exude despite or perhaps because of their old age peace, serenity, wisdom and dignity; they look back on the experience of a being, which manifests itself in its folds, the cracked structures of the skin and all its notches, but their look – partly awake and very lively, sometimes deeply meditative – and their postures, which are integrated into a harmonious strokes, have a grandeur, which leads to a new, positive interpretation of the theme “age”.

Ali Zülfikar is a hardly achieved master of his craft – in his paintings as well he develops detailed structures that give its views on foresight a strong presence. The Middle considered the intense technical work in the tension between spatial depth and proportions in the layers of colors, their break-up and the corresponding relief-like effects, can shine forth … “