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The Polo Project

Richie Rue is an amateur photographer based in Yorkshire, England.

Photography is his passion and black and white photography has always held a special place in his heart. Richie uses digital and film cameras to achieve his results. In addition to The Polo Project, Richie shoots pastoral scenes, intimate landscapes and enjoys creating impressionist and abstract photographs using various photographic techniques including intentional camera movement (ICM).

The Polo Project started as therapy when Richie was recovering from illness. He started by building Polo Mints (Life Savers in the US) into shapes and photographing them. Since then the project has grown and though Richie continues to involve himself in other genres of photography, he is best known for The Polo Project.

In addition to the original shapes, The Polo Project includes:

Solo Polo: Images of single Polos

Polo-motion: Polos in actual or simulated movement

Polo-cation: Polos in various locations

You can see more of Richie’s work on 500px and Flickr DSC_7600NG01Red







2015-07-21 17.19.15

2015-07-16 10.32.34