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The power of words

Sharlene Leong

With a passion for design, a love for words and music being a must, I graduated from Lasalle College of The Arts with distinction for Diploma in Communication Design in 2001, and from Birmingham Institute of Art and Design with a scholarship for Bachelor of The Arts with Honors in Graphic Design in 2002.

I learnt different trades of the design and advertising industries from multi-disciplinary and industrially known brands and companies as an art director and a visual communicator. I completed each project from scratch ranging from graphic and advertising to art and design.


I look into a more personal approach towards creativity, and believes in getting in touch with the inner-self and translating what the inner thoughts have to say. Visually. Through conceptualising and visual communication, each innovative creation aims to speak the heart, and creating a visceral effect on the audience.

I remains hungry in my passion by challenging new ideas and founded Word Your Story. 

My motto is to combine facts and fantasy, mix arts and science, deliver your purpose, provide high degree of customisation, breathe the inspiration with you, reflect the imagination of your soul, and envision your story.

Word Your Story is a platform where your unique story takes flight.




Artwork Title: Memories
Created By: Sharlene Leong 

Rationale: Interesting how the human mind works with its protective structure of the skull head. We detect, feel and portray what the mind interprets. Ever wonder if we are living with the conscienceless or subconsciousness at each moment?
Medium: Ink on Resin
Dimensions: 16cmL x 13cmW x 11.5cmH

thatsMyLife02thatsMyLife03 thatsMyLife

Artwork Title: That’s (my) Life
Created By: Sharlene Leong 

Rationale: About life. The highs and lows, the exposures and experiences, the individualistic and idealistic characteristics of life. Feel the interaction and connection with hand drawn relative words and phrases about life, to see if you pause, reflect, ponder and relate.
Medium: Ink on Fabriano Paper
Dimensions: 70cmW x 100cmH

secretGarden02 secretGarden

Artwork Title: Secret Garden
Created By: Sharlene Leong 

Rationale: As love is a dictionary full of everything, mystery is always attractive. The tips and tricks that forms a bed of roses, where the heart grows into a flower.
Medium: Ink Glass and Canvas
Dimensions: 25.5cmL x 20cmW x 22cmH

loveForWords03 loveForWords02 loveForWords

Artwork Title: Love for Words
Created By: Sharlene Leong 

Rationale: I am intrigued by words. The powerful messages that words portray. Words are the timeless beauties; they tell a thousand stories, deliver your purpose, speak the heart and build character. The play and interaction of words amuse me in creative ways, hence inking typography is a way I express my love for words.
Medium: Ink on Fabriano Paper
Dimensions: A set of five 18cmWx 24cmH frames


Artwork Title: Action Reaction
Created By: Sharlene Leong 

Rationale: Ever wonder how the human mind works? We deter, feel and portray what the mind interprets. Are we living with the conscienceless or subconsciousness? The urge to prefer right over wrong?
Medium: Acrylic and Ink Paper
Dimensions: 29.7cmW x 21cmH