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The Prophecy of Light

My inspiration for The Prophecy of Light came from a profound dream or vision about higher Astral Beings possibly Pleiadian who had an important message for mankind.

I was asked to fulfil “The Prophecy of Light” which is where the name comes from.

I believe The Prophecy of Light is about an awakening that is and needs to take place in order for our beautiful planet “Gaia” to continue to survive as well as our fellow Earthlings with the continual destruction of our planet through unnecessary wars, continual rape of our natural resources in the form of fossil fuels and corporate greed in its many forms.

The Prophecy of Light is about raising awareness my images are sometimes about important issues that may bring about a curiosity that may encourage people to do their own research!

“The truth is out there” as “Agent Mulder” from ‘The X Files “famously said and he was right!

One of my new collections is called “Disclosure” which I believe holds the key to a positive and much needed change for our planet and fellow Beings.

My background has always been photography.
I went to art college in the eighties and studied fashion design but found while there it wasn’t for me so I spent as much time as I could in the photography department.

After leaving college I trained in social photography and specialised in weddings and portraiture where I stayed for the next twenty five years.

Since moving to Somerset twelve years ago with my son Hugo, I have been drawn to a more artistic form of photography.I fell in love with the magical and beautiful landscape in and around Glastonbury.

While on many walks with my dog Rusky I have always been amazed how the light around here changes and how it seems to take on an almost ethereal quality to it, the magic can be felt all around and it is easy to imagine walking the lands in distant pasts.Glastonbury has a mystical energy field with many ley lines that travel under The Tor which I believe can help us to see and connect with beings from other dimensions helping us remember our distant past and distant future in the form of past life feelings and experiences.

I wanted to somehow relay this positive energy from an image that would call out to a person’s deeper side and give them a feeling of magic and warmth to lift their spirit!

When I create an image the click on the shutter is the very beginning of the journey! and after downloading the images I take the time to select the ones I think will work the best .
I then go into the digital art process where the image goes through many processes and I continue until I am happy with the result !

I feel a spiritual connection with other energies working with me and often don’t remember how I come to the end result ! so a lot of the images are creations I cannot repeat !

www.theprophecyoflight.com http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/kate-fulford.html

Night On The Tor

Though the eye of a storm

Though the eye of a storm

Star seed Sphinx

Star seed Sphinx

Mystical OakTor on the yellow brick roadSunset in Greece

Stranded in Greece


Pyramid on The Moon

Pyramid on The Moon

I hope you enjoy “The Prophecy of Light” .

In Love and Light  Kate Oia under moonlight