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The Red Dragons

Project with artist Jason Tudor

Collaborative project with Brooklyn based artist Jason Tudor

Arévalo and Tudor were introduced to each other’s work at a gallery show in Brooklyn. Both noticed their work shared a common ground; they had similarities in their visual communication, creative processes and themes. It was like sharing the same orbit but being from different planets. Arévalo, creates universes with help from her surroundings, such as dust, hair, and paper rugosity. Tudor,takes his freeform drawings and digitizes them to create new complex worlds.

The interesting meeting point comes alive when these two forces clash, each artist selects a piece from the others work as their starting point. When combining their styles they are not only affecting each other’s worlds but creating a whole new narrative and story out of it.
4 digital drawings intervened with india ink and gold leaf
4 india ink and gold leaf drawings intervened in digital