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The road into the unknown

Specific painting process (composed of a series of overlapping lines, veneers, small colored boxes, network) presented enough impulse to preserve the spontaneity of the manuscript, or sufficiently concentrated that this spontaneity without violating the culture of painting, Nikola Radovic creates images that are simultaneously stately architecture of the cathedral
and the potential fluid metamorphosis of the organic world. In complicated pictures-scenes coexist different formal units, from figurative to abstract, intertwining and mutually generating. Distant echoes transformed Cubist influence in the area and the geometric deformation of the object are amortized in a matrix expressionist
manifested both in a plastic organization images, and in its expressive, psychological and emotional tension.
Radovic images aspire to total fulfillment (content and form), based on the principle of inclusion, gathering and assembly. The artist dedicated, persistent, with the highest possible investment of their mental, spiritual and intellectual
energy builds up layer by layer (formal and semantic), whereby each subsequent builds on previous results from it grows and incorporates its consequences. In some ways, Process and structural legality natural phenomena such as compactness, integrity, completeness, Radovic transferred in the process of the formation of the internal structure of the image
organism adjusting the details of which none is unimportant, or more precisely, they are all equally important.
Ljiljana Karadzic