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The Shitty Artist – Art by Nature

The Shitty Artist – Art by Nature.

The Shitty Artist goes by the handle naturist_goose. He takes photographs of bird droppings and transforms it into art. Using his Samsung Galaxy A3 phone and a free drawing App called ‘Sketch’ he outlines the art hidden all around us.

He adds only black lines to the photographs using his right index finger. He hopes to inspire people to notice all the beauty around them and to realize that art could be created inexpensively.

He mostly draws animals and believes that humans have lost intimate connections with other species, he hopes to bridge that gap through his art. ‘ I am fortunate to live in South Africa where our relationships with animals are stronger compared to other parts of the world purely because we exist in an area where you experience more interactions with animals.’ – Gustaf Swart.

He currently shares his work on instagram. (@naturist_goose)


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